Mining ARQMA on almost anything!

I would be remissed if I didn’t share the story of how I found ARQMA. I was participating in an online investment club, which was made of a team of expert crypto analysts who would pick new blockchain projects for future investment opportunities.

In anticipation for the next pick ( ARQMA ) came up as a front runner for many of the members. Obviously, if a lot of people find interest in a project, that can be expansive for the growth of your portfolio. Once this project came into my cognition, I took a pessimistic approach because at that time it was .01 cent. I started my research by joining ARQMA’s ( Telegram group ) where I was greeted by a friendly upbeat team of developers who were always willing to help and answer “ANY” of my questions.

I walked through this project; investigating it at every level, website review, white paper break down, team interaction, utilization of websites, community involvement, and then mining on it: which can be done on nearly anything; Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi 4 & even on my old MacBook Pros (2009 -2021) versions. No matter where I looked I continued to find tremendous value everywhere. For me being able to mine on my old MacBook Pros was the hook. I could bring those old beauties from Steve Jobs, a personal hero of mine, back to life. So, I started mining ARQMA with 10 old MacBook Pros. Yes, I know I had an adiction to Macintosh. Any issues I ran into were always answered within minutes by guys like ( BigSlim ). BigSlim is extremely knowledgable and even though always working hard behind the scenes, he never once had an issue helping me out, or anyone else for that matter. His positive attitude, willingness to assist anyone at anytime, is refreshing and mirrored the rest of this teams actions.

I started out as a skeptic but after Months of researching numerous projects, I kept coming back to ARQMA. This project is a Diamond in the rough. The current price valuation is “laughable” when comparing ARQ to other more well known and popular privacy projects. Once “The people” realize what ARQMA truly offers they will wonder how, why, did they NOT see this project! Do NOT say I did not tell you. I have been shouting from the roof tops, sharing about this project on Twitter and Telegram for Months. After reviewing the majority of projects under strict scrutiny, I can easily see ARQMA as a $10-$15.00 Coin in short order. This project has the right stuff. A development team that is laser focused on doing things right the first time, growing organically & not by artifice. Once the Layer 2 is released staking on Nodes will make ARQMA take it’s proper seat in the Privacy realm. This is One of MY absolute favorite projects! I will only write about the projects that I find/see value in.

ArQmA is a fully open-source decentralized public blockchain project. The programming team is made up of some serious cryptography and computer science enthusiasts with a tremendous amount of experience. ArQmA was originally built from the Monero codebase, albeit has gone far beyond the origins of that code continously making improvements all while leveraging XMR’s updates on a regular basis but with benfit of adding new features produced by the team or sourced from the thriving Cryptonote community. ARQMA takes things a step further and pin tests every line of code, line by line, on a “test network” prior to authorizing release on the “main network”. These steps prevent bad actors from gaining access to ARQMA’s critical infrastructure and even saved the Monero Community from series troubles. You can read about that in this Article ( ) all a testament to the high quality team of developers making up ARQMA!

Created as a fair to mine Token this Blockchain project offers each user a chance to mine, the ArQmA System by utilizing One of, if not the lightest mining Algorithms ( RandomARQ PoW Hashing ), which is ASIC and Nicehash resistant. The blockchain synchronizes quickly. Bulletproof RingCT makes transfers confidential and untraceable.

Characteristics of ARQMA

Some of the characteristics of ARQMA are as follows:

  • People’s work, done by people, for people
  • Community-driven and user-friendly
  • Untraceable and anonymous
  • Quality over quantity
  • open-source and open-minded
  • Quick and safe

ArQmA uses crypto to connect banks, digital asset exchanges, payment providers, corporations, and ordinary people to offer a universal payment system.

Mining ARQMA

Arqma’s Proof Of Work (POW) is based on a variation of the RandomX hashing algorithm called RandomARQ. Miners who have previously mined other Cryptonote coins utilizing RandomX or a variation such as Monero or Wownero will find mining Arqma to be relatively straightforward, someone who has never mined a RandomX variant currency before should also have little difficulty getting started.

The RandomARQ POW features a 256kb scratchpad, which allows a CPU with less processing power to solve block hashes. Most CPUs will be able to generate 200–300% higher hash rates than the usual RandomX POW used in coins like Monero, thanks to this modest scratchpad.

This same concept was employed in Cryptonote Pico in previous versions of Arqma, but this POW was vulnerable to ACICs. ARQMA RandomARQ is an ASIC-resistant mining method that follows the Arqma dev team’s initial whitepaper and allows the network to grow more decentralized. GPUs can still mine Arqma, but their hash rates will be far lower than CPUs, and their hash to coin and power to watt ratios will be significantly lower. Due to the ram speed requirements of RandomX, there are currently no known FPGA or ASICs mining RandomARQ. Let’s go into the more crucial portion of mining Arqma now, after this little overview of RandomARQ! Rpi4 can mine Arq as well.

Minimum requirements for mining ArQmA

  • Min 2gb ram
  • AES-ni processor with at least 2GB of RAM is required. Yes, a RaspberryPi can mine RandomARQ!
  • Intel or Ryzen CPU with four cores or more: The more cores you have, the better.
  • AIO Liquid CPU cooler or high-quality CPU air cooler
  • Windows or Linux? (MacOS gets also supported on major miners)
  • Remember that you’ll need an Arqma wallet to mine coins as well!

First and foremost: Choose a miner!

  • XMR-STAK: Long-term miner Fire-ice-UK, a cryptonote supporter
  • XMrig is a multi-algo CPU miner.
  • XMrig-CC: Multi-Algo CPU miner with Command and Control (CC) web monitor, which is ideal for more significant CPU mining operations but may get used by anyone. Created by a long-time supporter of CPU mining. BenDr0id SRBminer-Multi: Doktor83’s closed source CPU miner
  • WarriorV’s Android miner is a CLI miner for Android smartphones.
  • It is also noteworthy that you can mine straight from the Arqma CLI daemon or wallet. Enter “status” to ensure your daemon is up to date and completely synced with the network. After that, execute the command below to begin mining.

Second, we require a pool in which to mine! is a fantastic website that displays active, recognized pools on the Arqma network. This supplier is kind enough to query the pool API and compile statistics to provide a pretty current actual network hash rate based on available pools. It also displays unidentified hash rates from unknown pools or solo miners using a private collection. You can ask for support at

Ways to make RandomARQ mining more efficient

  • On the mining rig, raise the quantity of physical ram utilized. RandomARQ, like the PCMasterRace, prefers more RAM, especially with Ryzen CPUs.
  • Higher-speed RAM (e.g. 3600mhz or 4000mhz CL14/CL16 DDR4) is recommended.
  • To use the hard disc as cache ram, increase the pagefile size in Windows.
  • Enable the use of large pages.
  • Instead of operating one miner on bigger multi-branch CPUs like Ryzen Threadrippers and Intel Gold CPUs, you can take two miners and distribute the thread count amongst them. If you have a 32-core CPU, you can run two examples of the miner, each with eight to ten threads, and obtain 5–10 percent greater hash rates.
  • Maintain moderate CPU temperatures. Higher CPU temperatures can cause the CPU to slow down when mining, lowering the hash rate. This can get aided by using a good CPU cooler and proper case fan cooling.
  • Close any applications that aren’t in use, especially on Windows.
  • Once as an administrator, run the miner and then reboot: This gives the miner admin-level access to the entire ram and pagefile.
  • Choose a Ryzen CPU over an Intel processor. RandomARQ can mine on Intel CPUs; however, in most cases, the hash to watt ratio of a newer Ryzen CPU will outperform any Intel CPU in the same market class.
  • Mine is on a desktop PC rather than a laptop. While mining on laptops is possible, it is not encouraged because CPU mining generates much heat. Most laptops aren’t designed to evacuate that heat as quickly as they should to avoid premature software failure. AT YOUR OWN RISK, MINE ON LAPTOPS!
  • The XMRig team has provided additional information on CPU mining improvements.
  • WarriorV provides further information about Android mining HERE.

Final Words

RandomARQ contributes to the decentralization of the Arqma network by allowing nearly anybody to solve blocks on the blockchain. With most CPUs readily available and around 30 minutes of your time, you can complete this task. ArQmA is a cryptocurrency that was first introduced in 2018. It is significantly closer to blockchain’s core principle by enabling cryptocurrency mining to be accessible and inclusive to everyone, even though it is now in an ecosystem where Bitcoin reigns supreme.

A year ago I was all in on ARQMA. It had many fundamentals inline with a solid project. I like the PoW protocol in ARQMA’s code which has a mining algorithm with fair-to-mine principals allowing anyone to mine(mineable on a Raspberry Pi). The added Privacy is another benefit! The pull for me was that the project team are a solid team of developers.

( ***WARNING — There has been a very long extension-of-inactivity, #DYOR on it for this reason-and-more.*** )



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