How iNodez Can Help You Earn Passive Income In RTM?

In a couple of my previous articles, I’ve discussed how Raptoreum solves issues of the current generation of smart contracts and how its mining algorithm can help you earn more income. RTM is the crypto network’s native coin that users can earn by mining on the network.

RTM began at $0.01 and peaked this year at an all-time high value of approximately $0.08 and currently stands at about $0.020 and shows signs of a good performance.

Investors who show an interest in this cryptocurrency now need not hodl the coin but can leverage it to earn a passive income.

This is possible with the help of iNodez — RTM Shared and Full Smartnode Hosting. Currently, iNodez is in its beta version. The platform has shown impeccable performance in this stage, with 537 active SmartNodes, 659,350,000 locked RTM, and a daily reward of $29.

The rationale behind the platform is relatively simple. Like how you pool in your money for yield farming, iNodez offers exactly that but with more decentralization that helps your funds be secure.

It is able to do so by allowing as low as 500 RTM per smart node. Once you surpass this value, the balance amount will become your collateral balance. You will be able to earn weekly rewards based on this amount. Furthermore, 6% of your rewards will be taken for covering the VPS fees.

iNodez also allows you to automate your investment. All you need to do is select the percentage of your RTM earnings to be deposited into the smartnodes on a regular basis, and it will automatically do that. Based on your requirement, you can also adjust this percentage as and when you wish. Thus you can increase or decrease it as per your will.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to merely earn but also track or see which smartnodes have your funds, the amount of the reward, etc., iNodez provides complete transparency for that too. At any point, you can go to the My SmartNodes tab and look at all the essential information available there

While I’ve covered all the aspects of this platform, the most important one still remains — Withdrawal. Quite often, withdrawals can be quite a hassle on the platform with highly long lock-in periods or the sheer inconvenience the platform causes when you want to redeem your own funds.

With iNodez, you can withdraw your funds on the last day of every month. You can do so with the platform whenever you feel you might require RTM for your own use at the end of the month or the next month.

All you need to do is select the amount you want to withdraw, set the date to the month’s end, and select the address where you want the withdrawn RTMto be deposited. It is as simple as that, and your request will be processed on the last day of the month.


Thus, in this simple way, you can earn rewards on the RTM you’re hodling. In addition, it is more decentralized, transparent, and hassle-free for anyone. Overall, it is beginner-friendly and helps even new users run a passive income without too much effort.

If you enjoyed this article & would like to contribute to the creator you can do so in RTM please send to our iNodez on-boarding address: ( RPfogy55LP7pD73nLY6KMt9w6nKut3tWHj )


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