How GNTL Makes Cryptocurrency Mining Sustainable?

Cryptocurrency mining is a pretty popular niche within the blockchain industry. In fact, a significant population within the industry is into mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

China used to be the hub for Bitcoin mining operations until the recent ban. However, mining is also an activity that is pretty exclusive for specific people. This is due to the expenses involved.

For those not in the know, crypto mining is a complex process that is heavily dependent on the hardware. Furthermore, many cryptocurrencies use proof of work (PoW) that utilizes miners who compete with each other over one block of data.

Besides this, people also require sophisticated and expensive equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. Even if one can afford all this and pay for the electricity, they will also need luck to mine cryptocurrencies.

These are a few challenges when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. In fact, they are pretty prevalent even today in many of the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Due to these challenges, cryptocurrency mining of main stream transparency blockchain is not sustainable or a stable source of income for most people. The PoW model creates competition which heavily favors those with deep pocket books.

To solve this challenge, GNTL cryptocurrency is being developed.

A group of cryptocurrency miners and enthusiasts decided to come together and form a community to start what we call a mining pool. When you mine as an individual you gain the entire reward for your mining operation. For this, you need to mine the blocks consistently.

However, in mining pools, all the block rewards are divided between the entire community. Thus, it doesn’t matter who mines the block first since everyone will receive the reward.

This makes mining a much more affordable operation since anyone can get a continuous and stable source of income, and it’s not a complete hit or miss.

The GNTL cryptocurrency has low transaction fees and has CPU-favored mining. This promotes the much necessary inclusivity and makes crypto mining accessible to people who do not possess expensive, sophisticated equipment.

Furthermore, this solves another challenge cryptocurrencies face — Mass adoption. People who have never entered the blockchain industry are either intimidated by it due to their lack of understanding or fear the volatility.

However, GNTL makes crypto mining a sustainable source of income for miners and also allows new people to become a part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

Currently, the GNTL community organizes games, rewards, and giveaways and has numerous other community-based initiatives. However, with the introduction of the GNTL crypto coin, the company aims to offer more features and services from various niches of the cryptocurrency industry. The idea is to have a community-driven cryptocurrency that can be leveraged by the miners who are a part of it in numerous ways.

GNTL is a private, secure, untraceable, decentralised digital currency. You are your bank, you control your funds, and nobody can trace your transfers unless you allow them to do so.

Privacy: GNTL uses a cryptographically sound system to allow you to send and receive funds without your transactions being easily revealed on the blockchain (the ledger of transactions that everyone has). This ensures that your purchases, receipts, and all transfers remain absolutely private by default.

* Security: Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is cryptographically secured. Individual wallets have a 25 word mnemonic seed that is only displayed once, and can be written down to backup the wallet. Wallet files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they are useless if stolen.

* Untraceability: By taking advantage of ring signatures, a special property of a certain type of cryptography, GNTL is able to ensure that transactions are not only untraceable, but have an optional measure of ambiguity that ensures that transactions cannot easily be tied back to an individual user or computer.

Coin Specifications:


Ticker: GNTL
Max supply: 77.7 Million
Pre-mined: 0.00000003 (all burnt)
Governance: 10% (4m), 5% (8m), 1% (life)
Block time: 120 seconds
Emission Speed Factor: 21
Decimals: 9
Algorithm: RandomARQ
Consensus: PoW
Anonymity: BulletProof RingCT

Block Explorer:


Official Pools: (UK) (US)

Other Pools: (UK) (UK) (US) (Europe) (Europe) (Europe) (Europe) (Australia) (China) (edited)




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